Climate Change

There is a strong moral imperative to Greenhouse-gas-emissions-600
act urgently on climate change – for our very survival – at all levels: personal, community, national and global.
There is no doubt that humans have an effect on the climate.

Climate change can kill with efficacy as huge storms hit with frightening intensity and after the winds go, leave a legacy of flooding and landslides.

Rising seas caused through ice melt will gradually erase whole nations, and droughts will kill many thousands.

Ocean acidification arises from carbon dioxide dissolving in salt water which leads to a reduction in ph which alters the sea mineral chemistry.  Ocean acidification impacts will cascade throughout the marine food chain and affect the overall structure of marine ecosystems.

Human population is forecast to grow at approximately 1 billion people per 14 years for a few more decades. Those modelling the surge in human numbers estimate a plateau above 10 billion people during the second half of this century. We are currently 7.3 billion.

Competition for resources will intensify as the perfect storm of population growth collides with food insecurity, caused through altered weather patterns and extreme weather events.

(We are putting together some comments on solutions.)

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