We are an alliance for disaffected voters.
Human and environmental well being should be the basis for governance.
The Awareness Party is aware of the failure by the current political and economic systems to meet the basic needs of all New Zealanders.
We are aware of the need for significant change in the way we do things.
We offer real alternatives. Scroll down for our Visionary Constitution.
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We have a Visionary Constitution that includes:

* A restructure of the banking and monetary system
* A new non adversarial model of government
* Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda
* Enshrining the ‘rights of nature’ in law.
* Taking a hard look at the adversarial legal system

The Awareness Party stands for:

* Politics with principle
* Ensuring all New Zealanders have the opportunity to thrive
* Reducing the income gap – introducing a living wage
* A Universal Basic Income
* Healthy Food – and food and water security measures
* No fluoride, or any mass medication, in our water
* Preventative health initiatives, including complementary natural health
* Everyone having the right to be housed adequately
* Supporting quality aged care
* Education – free tertiary education- free healthy school lunches for all children – promote the Maori language
* Acknowledge the rights and agreements engendered and entered into in good faith in both He Wakaputanga and Te Tiriti o Waitangi

* Caring and protecting nature and our environment
* The Precautionary Principle in fishing, farming, mining and land use
* Organics and biodynamic farming
* No deep sea oil drilling, fracking, or mining conservation areas
*Seeking alternatives to 1080, Roundup, neonicotinoids and other harmful chemicals
* GMOs prohibited in field and food
* Supporting the existing RMA (Resource Management Act) without the 2013 amendments
* Mitigate human contribution to climate change

* Supporting local business, local initiatives, and co-operatively owned businesses
* Supporting people’s rights to join a union in order to protect their livelihoods
* All corporations operating in New Zealand must pay tax in New Zealand
* A financial transaction tax
* Strict controls and a capital gains tax on foreign owned land and housing
* No more privatisation of state owned assets

* Ensuring our sovereignty – no TPPA, TiSA and the RCEP
* Leaving the Five Eyes intelligence alliance
* Non violence – nuclear free – no military intervention in foreign wars eg Iraq
* NZ armed forces to be trained and made available for disaster relief
* Standing for citizen diplomacy and conflict resolution

We believe:

Growing inequality, dirty politics, environmental challenges, and probable upcoming sovereignty issues (TPPA) reveal an important insight.
When the old ways no longer produce the outcomes we are looking for, it is time for change.
We have fundamental problems because of systemic flaws in our economic and political systems. Our political economic system is not programmed to secure the well-being of People, Place and Planet. Instead, its priorities are corporate profits and the growth of GDP, resulting in the wealth staying in the hands of the few, which disadvantages the many, and compromises the natural world on which we depend.
Large-scale systemic change is needed, but that has been constrained by a continuing lack of imagination concerning social, economic and political alternatives, and a desire to follow our traditional allies. It is time to think outside the box. There are alternatives that can lead to the systemic change we need.

“The very fact that 10% of our population now owns 52% of the nation’s wealth, that the wealthier you are the less tax you generally pay, that we punish tax fraudsters far less than benefit fraudsters, that we fail to pass laws that would curb property speculation , lift wages, and make sure that all our children are properly fed, sheltered, educated and kept healthy – all testify to the fact that democracy in our country is in a critical condition.”
Bryan Bruce.

The Awareness Party presents comprehensive alternative political and economic systems that are different in fundamental ways from the failed systems of the past, and capable of triggering superior social, economic, and ecological outcomes.

In order to remove barriers that stop us from working together for a positive future, we need to cease using terms like left wing or right wing, and replace them with a willingness to co-operate and create an holistic and humanitarian society regardless of previous stances. Bottom-up strategies can work to check monopolistic corporate power, democratise wealth, and empower communities.

We welcome researchers, theorists and activists, to assist with refining the application of our new systems, using the best research, understanding and strategic thinking, and for on-the-ground organising and development.
We need to ensure that we create an egalitarian, humanitarian, and environmentally friendly place for all.

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