We have our Visionary Constitution which gives a framework for detailed policy.

Picture11We are working on updating our policies, some of which are listed below.

You can become a member on our Get Involved page, and be part of the conversation.

 The Awareness Party stands for:

* Politics with principle
* Ensuring all New Zealanders have the opportunity to thrive
* Reducing the income gap – introducing a living wage
* A Universal Basic Income
* Healthy Food – and food and water security measures
* No fluoride, or any mass medication, in our water
* Preventative health initiatives, including complementary natural health
* Everyone having the right to be housed adequately
* Supporting quality aged care
* Education – free tertiary education- free healthy school lunches for all children – promote the Maori language
* Acknowledge the rights and agreements engendered and entered into in good faith in both He Wakaputanga and Te Tiriti o Waitangi

* Caring and protecting nature and our environment
* The Precautionary Principle in fishing, farming, mining and land use
* Organics and biodynamic farming
* No deep sea oil drilling, fracking, or mining conservation areas
*Seeking alternatives to 1080, Roundup, neonicotinoids and other harmful chemicals
* GMOs prohibited in field and food
* Supporting the existing RMA (Resource Management Act) without the 2013 amendments
* Mitigate human contribution to climate change

* Supporting local business, local initiatives, and co-operatively owned businesses
* Supporting people’s rights to join a union in order to protect their livelihoods
* All corporations operating in New Zealand must pay tax in New Zealand
* A financial transaction tax
* Strict controls and a capital gains tax on foreign owned land and housing
* No more privatisation of state owned assets

* Ensuring our sovereignty – no International Treaties – TPPA, TiSA and RCEP + more
* Leaving the Five Eyes intelligence alliance
* Non violence – nuclear free – no military intervention in foreign wars eg Iraq
* NZ armed forces to be trained and made available for disaster relief
* Standing for citizen diplomacy and conflict resolution.

We are working on our policy statements