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The Visionary Constitution

Read some important points from the constitution below:

It is time for a clear achievable vision that can be used in discussion, and lead us to a
fair, just, and sustainable system for the people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The intent of this document is to inspire all who choose to make our country a better place, and to become the foundation of a ratified constitution for the country.

It is based on the as yet unratified constitution of Iceland, with some input from the Ecuadorian and Bolivian constitutions, all joined to create a specifically designed document for New Zealand.

Read the full verson in the PDF, or see ideas in brief from it below.

We propose

– A new non adversarial model of government
– An improved monetary, banking and economic system
– Close the gap between the rich and the poor and pull everyone out of poverty
– Support for small to medium business and creative technologies
– Free healthcare and education for all
– Equal rights and opportunities for all
– Nature and its ecosystems have the right to respect and legal protection
– Food security and water security
– The precautionary principle associated with land and water use
– A reformed justice system

We have a VISION to take us forward.

David Korten: Walking Away From the King from Katie Teague on Vimeo.

Without a comprehensive vision one can only apply band-aids.
We have created a visionary constitution to inspire all who choose to make this country a better place, and to become the foundation of a ratified constitution for the country.

For a successful society we need:

– Equal rights, justice, and an economy that works for us all
– To care for our environment
– To operate on ethical principles

“There’s a well known saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time. Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing in this country and around the world. We are attempting over and over to solve the problem of the debt using essentially the same approach each time.
We’ve tried raising and lowering taxes. We’ve tried raising and lowering spending. We’ve tried all manner of variations on taxation and spending formulas. We’ve tried applying various theories over and over to try explaining it. But in the end, after a century of this approach we have no end in sight to the growth of the debt.”
Scott T Keller

We acknowledge that the current system is not working for everyone.

These are some of the key aspects where we intend to offer solutions:

Our present adversarial form of government is not meeting the needs of the people of New Zealand.
We have created a new system that addresses the needs and promotes the well being of the people, ensuring that people are heard from the grass roots level up. The system is modelled on the structure and function of a tree with its strength in the roots.
We will no longer have political parties, and the government representatives represent the people and not a party. They will look for points of agreement that allow them to effectively implement policies. This gives a solutions focus and not a divisive adversarial focus.

To support our non adversarial system of government, we have included a carefully designed system of Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda (BCIR), and an Advisory Council that oversees all levels of governance.

The system is designed to ensure that all people have equal rights and opportunities, and have access to the necessary resources to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
A free education system, and freedom of choice and access to nationally funded health systems that includes registered complementary health care, will support this objective.

The well being of all people is intrinsically dependent upon nature and the health of the planet. As human activity has been systematically destroying our environment we have provided recognition and protection of Nature’s Rights which will also ensure our survival.
These rights are based on broader principles of living in harmony with the Earth and prioritising the collective good. There is an understanding that the Earth is a self regulated living being.

In line with our non adversarial system of government, we also suggest a non adversarial judicial system which must be administered under the principles of the constitution.

Because the monetary system is not serving the many, our economic policies are designed to put New Zealand in charge of its own monetary system and introduce monetary reform by broadening the options for the creation of money. The intent is to empower and fund national and local projects without the need for onerous taxation.
We intend to eliminate poverty by introducing a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

International Agreements such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be maintained. Any agreements that would cause New Zealand to join a war or lose sovereignty (eg the TPPA) will be prohibited.
Our nuclear free status will be maintained.

Trade and industry will not be allowed to compromise our natural environment, or compromise the sovereignty of our democratic processes. This includes oil exploration.

Food security and water security are paramount.
Water fluoridation, and the growing and importing of GMOs, (reducing individual’s choice) are prohibited.
1080, Round-Up, harmful herbicides, pesticides and chemicals will be prohibited unless proven safe.
The precautionary principle will be applied to all methods of fishing, farming, mining, and land use.
The climate is changing and we will take all measures to mitigate human contribution, and implement effective measures to cope with the changes.

The debacle of the last elections shows many people felt there was no one to vote for.
Politicians are seen as out of integrity because there is no transparency in government – both local and national.

Because of political parties’ disregard of the way banks are exploiting us, people feel that the government is supporting large business and corporations and not the people.
The gap between the rich and the poor is unacceptable and will only create more social issues than we currently have.

The Visionary Constitution is a new way for people to have the freedom to participate in the growth of our nation. It is inspirational and yet practical. It challenges the current system yet encourages real democracy.
Based on seven ethical principles we have created a system that addresses these failures and creates a ‘good way of living’ for all.

We have interest in our constitution from the US, and so a reading of it has been recorded on this web site.
Each chapter is a separate link.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
(Buckminster Fuller)

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