“Not another political party”!

Why do we need one?                                        images0HN5IWKT

We need a new political party in order to create a new economic system.
We need a new model because the current system doesn’t support everyone, only the few. The banking system has taken from governments the power to issue most of their own money, resulting in a flawed system that is based on debt, and that puts too much power in the hands of the few.
The Awareness Party is openly challenging the economic status quo and the financial control of the world by the banking corporations.
An intermediary step is to encourage community currencies and systems that bypass the banking system with a more egalitarian form of exchange. This can be done alongside businesses working in the global economy – even Fonterra – so as not to dangerously destabilise our economy. When the global financial system collapses, we will have made New Zealand stronger having put these systems in place. Eventually the current banking system needs to be dismantled and replaced. Time is fast running out to do this.

The basis of the current system is to monetarise everything – it is all about money.
We need to transition to a really well functioning compassionate society where we are citizens rather than consumers. We have created a new system that acknowledges human rights, that we call humanitarianism.
The Awareness Party appreciates small to medium businesses as being the backbone of our country.

We need a new political party to create co-operation in government, so MPs come together and work together on solutions and ideas, where people in government work together for the good of the country, instead of insulting and fighting. We need to walk away from the Westminster adversarial system that is in use now.
We will eventually eliminate political parties, including ourselves. Candidates will be independents. There will be three tiers of government, not two. This is outlined in a creative way on our page on Governance.
The Awareness Party supports BCIR – Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda. It is appropriate to be able to hear from all constituents and in real democracy, be compelled to act on it. At the moment many western countries actually do not always act as a democracy. For example, many people are seriously concerned about the impact of alcohol on our society, but the liquor industry is more powerful than the people. This influence by business and transnational companies must end, as the only way to have true democracy is to create a system where all people are effectively heard and corporate influence is reduced.
To have a successful referendum it is essential that the media are unbiased, so there would have to be legislation to go with this system that ensured that all reporting favoured no one perspective at the time of the referendum. This would mean that during election time, opinion pieces in particular would have to be monitored. The media already has a strong hold over what is fed to us, so solutions would have to be something discussed at length in parliament and throughout the country.
‘Freedom of the press’ should be balanced with freedom of the people to know the truth.

The way we live is destroying the earth. This urgently needs addressing. We must stop the polluting of the planet. Demand for goods in the Western world contributes to environmental destruction as well as poverty in third world countries.
We need a political party that really stands for the environment, questioning the use of chemicals that are being tipped over the country in gay abandon, only to find afterwards that they have serious long term consequences.
We need a political party that does not bow to the corporate agenda that seems willing to use the people and the  planet as a guinea pig for its money making schemes.

We have created a Visionary Constitution that includes the Rights of Nature, giving ecosystems the right to respect and legal protection
The Awareness Party acknowledges the Gaia principle which is the reason for our environmental policies. We don’t just believe in them because we are afraid of what might happen if we don’t sort out environmental issues; we have a genuine passion for connecting, caring and protecting the planet we live on.
We are the new deeply green environmental party!
The Visionary Constitution is intended to inspire all who choose to make this country a better place, and to become the foundation of a ratified constitution for the country.

We are the only political party to support complementary alternative medicine. In line with becoming more mainstream, the Green Party has walked away from all the wonderful work that Sue Kedgley had done in supporting the complementary and preventative medicine approach to health. This shows that all the political parties thus far have bowed to Big Pharma’s profit making system, which is an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, making money from people’s misfortunes.
At least one in four New Zealanders go to some type of complementary health practitioner, and so this needs to be acknowledged in, and supported by political policies.

Our 7 Principles are intelligently designed to integrate ethics and practicality within the party and work together as an over-lighting philosophy for all our policies.
We therefore will do our utmost to live our tag line, “Politics with Principle”.

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