The 7 Principles of the Awareness Party

As a political movement we are aware that the current political systems are operating with no understanding of the relationship between consciousness and matter. However there is now a shift involving humanity’s deepest knowing and understanding of ourselves and our universe.
This political movement is committed to operating within the context and understanding of the inter-relationship of all things. Therefore all policies will be based on the 7 founding principles of this party.
The Awareness Party is based on the following awareness’ for living:

  • Oneness of all life: one people on one planet
  • Awareness of the earth (Papatuanuku) as a “self regulated living being”.  (Gaia theory formulated by Scientist James Lovelock)
  • Kindness in thoughts, words, and actions
  • Compassion for all living things in all situations
  • Self responsibility for everything we do, say, and experience
  • Balance in all areas of society and the environment
  • Operating within communities and groups is the way for humanity to move forward

These 7 principles cover all areas of environmental and social responsibility, human interaction, and decision making.


Since humans have realised that we are all floating in space on a beautiful ethereal ball we have understood our connection with all those on the planet. We are also now appreciating that humans are part of a species called humanity and it doesn’t matter what part of the globe we live on, we are all the same species; it doesn’t matter what colour our skin or eyes or hair is, we are all the same species. With that understanding comes the responsibility of sharing with our fellow beings. It is not ok that some are starving while others over eat and then diet. It is not ok that some have no shelter while others have an over abundance. It is not ok that we are ‘ripping off’ those from underdeveloped countries in order for us to have cheap goods. The list is endless. We are all one people on one planet.

Hear Maori Elder Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Rose Peri speaking about ONENESS  – HERE


You are most likely aware of the planet as being a moving living celestial body, if you are reading this page. Gaia is a force to be reckoned with. She lives and breathes care and love for her people. She is committed to helping them. However just as a mother can be short of rest and over tired and perhaps get sick, so is our home. The planet has had so many toxins dumped on the earth; so much has been mined and drilled and taken. Every time the planet gives freely, but there is a limit. We are reaching that limit. Seven billion people take a great deal from her. We cannot go on like this. We need to be aware that we are killing our home. (For James Lovelock’s article “What is Gaia” click here…)

“Awareness of our capacities for conscious evolution is the key revelation of the 21st century”.  “It may be that this intelligent species, which has finally gained an understanding of the atom, the gene, and the brain, is now getting a signal: evolve or die.” Barbara Marx Hubbard

See “The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth”.


Kindness is a word that has dropped from use latterly. It has been given a slightly weak image. Kindness can be sharp and like tough love, and it can be strong and gentle at the same time. It is just what we need to return to a supportive and unselfish community environment. Random acts of kindness will not do. Kindness needs to be on the tips of our tongues and at the tips of our fingers at all times. As Anita Roddick said, “Kindness doesn’t have to be insipid or random to be effective. Far from it: Deliberate kindness can be fierce, tenacious, unexpected, unconditional, and sometimes positively revolutionary.”

How else can we express the sense of oneness that we feel.

See HERE a vision of kindness for New Zealand (and the world for that matter) written ten years ago by Lisa Er.

See a clip on altruism and kindness HERE Anyone can start a Day of Kindness in their area.


This is the philosophy of Buddhism in a nutshell and while we as a political party do not adhere to any religion, we totally see the necessity for compassion to under lie all decisions in the party. So when we talk about how people need to take self responsibility, it is from a compassionate point of view.

Compassion is a tool that allows us to view life and the lives of others in a warm and inclusive light. It is a tool that grounds ideals and philosophies. If there was no compassion in a political philosophy or policy, then we would know that we were off track, for example.

Compassion is explained very well HERE in this TED talk by Joan Halifax. She asks why don’t VOTE with compassion? Why don’t we train our children in compassion?

Link to The Charter for Compassion.

Self Responsibility.

We imagine that we are responsible for ourselves all the time but in truth, in our culture, we have turned ourselves into victims. Whether we see ourselves as victims of the cold virus, or victims of burglary or a car accident, we think these sorts of things are completely beyond our control. We don’t acknowledge that we really create our own reality all the time, 24/7. Unlike in the book “The Secret”, creating our reality is not just about creating abundance; we create everything. That is why it is important to have a collective vision for the country and the planet that can be focussed upon and actually created. If we envision environmental solutions to climate change, for example, the solutions would come and we would be saved from much disruption and pain. If we all focused on a vision for an individual country, then we would ultimately have an economically sound country. If we just manifest abundance for ourselves then it is difficult to have a country that is completely in balance.

Responsibility for ourselves means just that. It is not an excuse to point the finger at anyone else, as judging others is not recommended.

To read more on self responsibility – or personal responsibility, go HERE


Balance is a much misunderstood word. It reminds us of see saws where the weight of two people has to be the same in order for the see saw to lie straight in the middle. However balance is more than being the same at both ends, and that is where there is a misunderstanding.

Balance means to achieve a position in which there is movement – like the see saw – and yet there can be differences at both ends. Looking at business, there can be a balance between the wages of management and the workers, but if the balance becomes too heavy at one end and too light at the other, the movement will stop and one party will sit on the ground, and the other will be up in the air! That is what is happening economically in the world right now. However, communism would try and put the same on both ends of the see saw instead of looking for a balance where one party can push off and make the motion flow again.

Then there is balance in the environment. Nature has its own balance that people are aware of but have not fully understood. Humans put  human values and judgements on various aspects of nature, and while that may suit their belief systems or be easy on the eye, it is not necessarily what will work. So to achieve balance in nature, lessons need to be learned by looking at how nature operates. If one looks closely one can see that health, education, and business, not to mention politics, can all benefit from using examples from nature to apply to operating systems. See the section on “Grounding the Political Party”.

(Link to a presentation on rescuing a world out of balance by Dr Martin Sharman, Policy Officer – Biodiversity and Ecosystems at the European Commission. Click HERE )

( Official message from the Hopi about balance and what has happened in Japan. Click HERE .)


Communal living is how villagers live in underdeveloped countries and how we lived in the past. When resources are short, by living close, things could be shared, and food could be swapped and so on. Now we have the luxury of being able to be separate, and answer only to our families and ourselves. This would be wonderful if it made people happy, but instead many people live alone and are unhappy, lonely and perhaps not as well off as they could be in our ideal world. So it is wise to promote the building of communal community housing where lonely people could come and share childrearing or gardening etc. Today’s concept of having a piece of land with a fence around it has created first the nuclear family, and that has created a flurry of lonely people. By working together we can share resources and be more like citizens and less like consumers. This will not only save some of the world’s resources, it will make us happier!

Other community initiatives will occur with government support and where possible sponsorship, and NGOs will be encouraged as well.

If you want to become involved with a local community, contact your local Transition Towns movement for inspiring projects.



Here are the 7 Principles as described for FAM (Future Awareness Movement) which is the The Awareness Party youth movement.

LIVE the 7 Principles of The Awareness Party:

  1. ONENESS – We are all one on one planet. No one is better than anyone else, but we may well have been brought up with different values, or have different skin colour. Live as if we are all one people.
  2. AWARENESS – Consumerism is killing our environment. You can reduce, reuse and recycle even though it takes a bit of thought and time. Value nature. Grow veges to eat, flowers for the bees, and trees. BE green!
  3. KINDNESS – Before you speak, think -Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it kind? Will it hurt anyone? Will it improve on the silence?
  4. COMPASSION – Life is different for everyone and everyone reacts differently to it. Be ready to help when needed. Do you know a solo parent or an older person that you could help? This is compassion in action.
  5. SELF RESPONSIBILITY – You are not a victim! When ‘bad’ things happen they are about life giving you the opportunity to learn. Don’t blame others. Be responsible for your thoughts and actions.
  6. BALANCE – The planet is out of balance. Chemicals and toxins everywhere are destroying the way nature works. Bring back a clean toxic free balance into your life by eliminating harsh chemicals from your house, food, and cosmetics.
  7. COMMUNITY – Young people are good at getting around in a crowd! Do you know a lonely person that you could include in your crowd? Can you help someone, or an organisation in your community? Every step each person takes is valuable in the healing of our society and planet. Every single action!