Love: the over-lighting principle

Love must the over-lighting principle in everything we do. willing-hands-1
If we work from the perspective of love then all decisions
we make will be in integrity and truth.
We do not mean the love between two individuals.
Here we are talking about the love of your fellow human beings,
and the love of nature and the animal companions who enjoy this planet with you.
As you love this planet and its sentient beings you will want to ensure a good life for all – in health and happiness and peace. If you are peaceful within you will generate peace outside yourselves and the world will have peace.
You must act in love and peace to create harmony and abundance for all, for even with the seven billion people on the planet, there is still abundance if the wealth is shared and the planet is cared for.
However if the loving and peaceful souls sit back and hope someone else will create this world we want, it will not happen. Willing hands and hearts are what are required to repair the damage to the people and the planet that have occurred in the past.
A political party with principles, ethics, values, and a real determination to create something new  and better than what is on offer right now, is not only a way to create a better system, it will wake people up to a possibility of a new world, and better life for all.



We are aware that people might find it difficult to have a political party speak about love. However as long as we keep this principle out of our political policies, the more time it will take to create a better world.


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