We need a Survival Movement.

How will ‘mankind’ survive the next few decades if no changes are made to our lifestyles?
Here are the issues:
insect collapse causing a collapse of the ecosystem;
climate change;
economic collapse;
increased warfare, and overall deforestation and pollution running amok.
This is serious stuff and the main problem that will hit first is hunger / food shortage.
Without the pollinators there will be no crops.
With floods and drought there will be no crops.
With economic collapse people will have no money to buy food.
It is indeed the sixth mass extinction and it is coming faster than you think.
What can you do?
Pressure the politicians. Do not let up.
New Zealand is one place that could survive if the proper steps are put in place. There is plenty of water if it can be transported.
There need not be insect collapse if the worst pesticides and herbicides are banned – like neonicotinoids.
Methods of transport need to be ensured that don’t use oil / fossil fuels for if the economy collapses there will be no more petrol.
Food production must become local and varied. Reliance on imported food must stop.
We can do this in New Zealand if we start now. We need a survival movement that will promote a long term plan. Get the media involved. Call in high profile people to help with planning. If you think Venezuela is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet, and maybe my children and grandchildren will see more than I will – but I care just as much as if it was my own future.
We must help our youth and create a good future for them and their progeny. After all we inherited the earth, and we have wrecked it for our grandchildren. Planting a tree and not using plastic is great but there is a lot more to do than that!!

Sign the petition
asking Hon Damien O’Connor, Minister of Food Safety and Agriculture, and Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern to launch a ‘Think Tank’, or working group, to investigate New Zealand’s food security.
This is not just about food security for the poor; it is disaster planning, (although the poor are the most vulnerable). How resilient are we really?
With our reliance on imports, and the exporting of our best produce overseas, we query that we could survive and thrive if a major disaster struck.

Here is our press release.

Lisa Er interviewed on Greenplanetfm here

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