The Awareness Party is a political movement based on conscious awareness of the truth of life on this planet. It is intended to harness people power to create change. It acknowledges that we are one people on one planet and what disadvantages one disadvantages all – therefore we need to care for our home, Earth, and for each other. All policies will therefore be based on “The Seven Principles of the Awareness Party.

Any country can begin an Awareness Party providing it adheres to the seven principles.

It’s time to get interested!
Vision for New Zealand
The 7 Principles of the Awareness Party
Grounding a Political Movement / Party


It’s time to get interested!
In the past, people suffered in order to give us a say in how our lives and our countries are run. If we turn our backs on that right we could be in serious trouble. As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So take a look at us.
We are the purple party – including red (left) and blue (right). We are a movement for all people who care about ourselves, our children and our children’s children. We are the political party of the future, beginning today. We are democratic. We are environmentally very green but strongly support science and business when in their integrity. We do not support business multinationals and corporations ‘buying’ our political systems, and assets. The business model we support provides jobs and sustainable innovative solutions to the problems the world is facing right now. Innovative responsible science is essential if we are going to survive environmental crisis, climate change (for whatever reason), peak oil, and the challenges of supplying food to the fast burgeoning world population.
Vision for New Zealand
- To be a place where the environment and nature support life without harsh pesticides and chemicals
– to be a country where there is balance between the rich and poor, and no one goes without the basic necessities of life
– to be a country where crime and violence are progressively diminished as people move to understand the consequences of their actions and take full responsibility for themselves
– to be a country where unconditional love serves as a foundation for all we do, and we are not afraid to express that. To read more go to……
The 7 Principles of the Awareness Party
As a political movement we are aware that the current political systems are operating with no understanding of the relationship between consciousness and matter. However there is now a shift involving humanity’s deepest knowing and understanding of ourselves and our universe.
This political movement is committed to operating within the context and understanding of the inter-relationship of all things. Therefore all policies will be based on the 7 founding principles of this party

The Awareness Party is based on the following awareness’ for living:

  • Oneness of all life: one people on one planet
  • Awareness of the earth as a “self regulated living being”.
    (Gaia theory by Scientist James Lovelock)
  • Kindness in thoughts, words, and actions
  • Compassion for all living things in all situations
  • Self responsibility for everything we do, say, and experience
  • Balance in all areas of society and the environment
  • Operating within communities and groups is the way for humanity to move

These 7 principles cover all areas of environmental and social responsibility, human interaction, and decision making. To read more click here…….

Grounding a Political Movement

All current political parties are built on sand and not rock. They do not stand the shifting sands of time The Awareness Party is built to last because it is based on philosophical values and truths that have withstood the test of time, and are about how the world, or planet, works.

To use the analogy of the rock: rock is a hard substance that is built by molecules and atoms that are literally glued together by water and silt. Now think of water – fluid like emotion. Human emotion, if not satisfied will not accept an intellectual idea for very long. So the glue between the rock solid principles is the intermolecular bond; the emotions. If we develop a political movement that cares whether people are content, and not just about whether the economy is growing, then we have a solid formation on which to grow.

The founding Seven Awareness Principles on which this movement is founded will, when applied, eliminate hunger, poverty, war, violence, hate and greed. The concept of working together for a common goal for common good will be valued far more highly than individual success for individual reward.

This rock solid set of principles will withstand the test of time, as you will see.