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Lisa has been involved in protest marches since she was ten years old. PA-10742804
At that time her father was very involved in the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. She accompanied him on the final day  of the Aldermaston Peace Marches on three occasions. Her father, a conscientious objector in WWII, was arrested for sitting down for peace in Trafalgar Square in London and so she was aware of civil disobedience from an early age.
Lisa believes strongly in getting out en masse to rally for a cause. She is not keen on the word ‘protest’ and prefers to demonstrate or rally for what she believes in.

Lisa is against any sort of violent protest but supports targeted civil disobedience such as the Waihope Ploughshares, and various Greenpeace actions. She firmly believes that any sort of aggression in protests does not do the cause any good, and also can get out of hand very quickly, as she has seen at times.
She initiated peaceful rallies in 14 towns throughout New Zealand in 2013 called Demo4Democracy. She was keen to build awareness about the fact that our democracy is being eroded by the market driven greed of transnational corporations, filling the pockets of the few, and lobbying government to promote their businesses over the good of the people.

Lisa has been influence by her friend Hordur Torfason who began the ‘revolution’ in Iceland.
Here he tells of how the organisers of the Iceland protests wore orange to help keep the peace.



Party membership.

Lisa has previously been a member of the New Labour Party, and the Green Party.

When Lisa stood for the Greens in 2008 she was number 24 out of 65 on the candidate list.

Just some of Lisa’s activities in the Green Party included
Deputising for Jeanette Fitzsimons at the Ellerslie Flower Show.
Deputising for Keith Locke with the Sri Lankan community.
Organising three Auckland meetings for Sue Kedgley.
Was on the national marketing committee, and organised advertisements in Good magazine
Belonged to a specific discussion group about the merits or otherwise of 1080
Assisted Sue Kedgley in preparing the food security policy.


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