Ten Steps to Zero Waste (By Dr Paul Connett)

1) Source separation (waste is made by mixing)

2) Door to door collection

3) Composting of the organic fraction (kitchen and garden waste)

4) Recycling (use locally if possible to get valued added)

5) Reuse and Repair centres (supporting deconstruction of building operations and community development: “Make friends not waste”)

6) Waste reduction initiatives ( banning plastic bags; reusable versus disposable diapers (nappies)

7) Economic incentives (pay by bag systems or save as you throw systems for residual fraction)

8 ) Residual separation and research facilities (built in front of interim landfills)

9) Better industrial design (if we can’t reuse it, compost it or recycle it, industry shouldn’t be making it)

10) An interim landfill for biologically stabilized “dirty” organic fraction and currently non-recyclable items.

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