PETITION to stop toxic spraying of the Auckland regions roadsides

In the amalgamation of the 7 councils into the ‘Super-city’ Auckland Council, responsibility for weed control on roadsides

passed to the new CCO, Auckland Transport.

This transfer did not include any policy directive.

With no obligation to continue the non-chemical management that Auckland and North Shore Cities have enjoyed for 14 years, nor any commitment to expanding the policy to other legacy cities, Auckland Transport will return to a blanket programme of toxic chemical sprays on all roadsides.

Here is the wording of the petition:

We, the undersigned, urge Auckland Council and Auckland Transport to recognize that chemical weed spraying has a significant impact on people’s health and wellbeing as well as the environment, and

(A) confirm the retention and continuation of the non-chemical roadside weed management in the legacy Auckland and North Shore cities, and

(B) adopt non-chemical roadside weed management in the rest of the region.

Download petition: Final version – Petition to stop toxic spraying of our roadsides

Please print out and ask your friends to sign. Thanks.


GreenplanetFM104.6 Thur 14th June 8-9 am Chemical Road Sprays in Auckland

with Dr Meriel Watts

The chemicalisation of our society and the chemicalisation of NZ, our food, our bodies.  (also available on line – see below)

Meriel Watts from Waiheke Island, trained in agricultural science before becoming a natural health practitioner and treating people poisoned by roadside sprays. She also co-ordinates the New Zealand branch of Pesticide Action Network, providing technical information to international organisations such as the United Nations.

Listen to one of only two full time, totally dedicated ‘volunteer’ activists against the chemical spraying of the thousands of kilometers of Auckland’s suburban streets and footpaths with dangerous herbicides.

This is another battle for the health of Auckland’s families as well as the ecology of the beaches  harbours and marine life, where the chemicals run off after rain.

Present focus:

Stopping the reintroduction of chemical weed management on roadsides and streets throughout the greater Auckland Council area, when for the last 14 year Auckland and the North Shore had a very successful nonchemical management system, and now the focus is getting Auckland Council region back onto nonchemical roadside weed management.

To get chlorpyrifos an insecticide banned in NZ where it is still used in agriculture, horticulture, on livestock and on roses, because prenatal exposures to even low levels interferes with brain development leaving children with neurological and behavioural issues that last a lifetime – like reduced IQ, ADHD, autism.

Meriel also clearly identifies that right wing corporate governments, still stack the deck in that the rich get richer and the poor slide downhill and that there is no languaging of organic and health (or holistic) practices for the populace on their agenda. Where once the Greens and Labour had a food chart for buying and consuming healthy food, and that school tuck shops were once cleared of many items considered either junk food or sugar drinks, under the easily stated languaging of ‘having freedom to choose’ (our own poison) unhealthy food (rubbish) is now back on the National menu.

Note: If we received ‘conscious’ direction and support from ‘conscious’

Government and the Department of Health, we would not have huge queues of obese and diabetic youth to middle aged people lining up for hospital beds. Because the way we are tracking very soon unhealthy ill, NZers will implode the National health system, due to the huge costs of taking care of ‘unconscious’ and ill patients sucking the health system dry.

Like what sort of civilization goes out and sprays poisonous chemicals over their food and then harvests it to eat. These are policies condoned by present ‘unconscious’ NZ agricultural and health policy advocates and those in power.

Or in the USA, a chemical corporation that has produced a herbicide that causes cancer, as well as a breast cancer fighting drug and they also happen to own the USA’s largest for profit cancer clinic in the country.

They profit from making and selling a carcinogen, then profit from the drug to treat it and finally it a coup de grâce, profit from the clinic where the people pay to get treated.

How ‘unconscious’ do we want to become?

Dr Meriel Watts –  Contact –

The Chemicalisation of Society, and halting chemical weed spraying in Auckland Council areas.

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